CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) Cancellation Policy Upgrade

Life throws us a curveball once in a while - it's funny like that. So when it comes to planning travel months in advance, a little extra protection can be extremely beneficial.

Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) is an optional cancellation policy upgrade available at check-out on this property. It is similar to the benefits offered via popular travel insurance policies, which allow cancellations for specific "covered reasons", such as illness or travel delays, only better, much better! Our CFAR Cancellation Policy gives you greater flexibility and freedom when making decisions about travel reservations. If your travel plans change, you are allowed to cancel and CFAR refunds will be automatically applied based on the cancellation date and check-in (arrival) date on the reservation. And, what guests love is that there is ZERO documentation or proof required in order to get approved for the cancellation. No claims to file. No forms to fill out. Cancel your property by clicking on the provided link within the property confirmation and your refund is automatically processed.

CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) is a more flexible Cancellation Plan that owners may opt into to provide to travelers.

CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason) cancellation policy upgrade is the only coverage option available that covers conditions such as the novel coronavirus, which is typically NOT even covered under standard travel insurance policies. Travel plans change or you simply do not feel comfortable traveling, just cancel your reservation. No claims. No lengthy approval process. No forms to fill out. It's that easy.

CFAR over-rides the Property Cancellation Policy offers the following cancellation penalties and refunds:

Cancellation Days Amount Refunded
90+ Days Prior To Arrival 90%
60+ Days Prior To Arrival 80%
45+ Days Prior To Arrival 75%
30+ Days Prior To Arrival 70%
14+ Days Prior To Arrival 60%
7+ Days Prior To Arrival 50%
3+ Days Prior To Arrival 25%

You cannot purchase CFAR separately - it can only be an "add-on" benefit to be selected property during the check-out process when you confirm your reservation. To participate, please opt in during the book now process to add this to your reservation. If added, CFAR will over-ride the Standard Property Cancellation Policy.

To cancel, guests must click on the cancellation link provided in the reservation confirmation. Refunds are processed automatically based on the cancellation date as calculated prior to arrival / check-in date. Phone, email or other cancellation methods are not available to qualify for CFAR Cancellation Policy refunds.