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Frequently Asked Questions

The following list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) has been put together to help answer some of the common questions that we have received about Breckenridge Rental's property management software. If your question is not answered, please contact us. Thanks!

Q: How easy is it to add my property to Do I need to have web development experience?

A: Web development experience is NOT required. When you become a member, you are provided a user id and password to login to Once you log in, you can create your website by simply filling in a form. A generic template has already been developed to format your web page so that it appears as a professionally completed site. That's it! Quick and easy! It takes most individuals less than one hour to set up.

Q: Please tell me more about how my own URL / domain name will work?

A: will set up an individual webpage for each member. This web page will look like a unique site, with no links back to homepage or other information. As the property owner, you can direct your potential renters to this site via emails, ads, search engines, etc. When your renters access your site, they will be able to check availability and reserve your property online. From a marketing perspective, some clients prefer to utilize their own domain name. For example, you may have registered as your domain name. When someone accesses your site, the URL will read rather than
The main advantage here is marketing. may be easier to remember and it also sets you up as a unique business rather than a sub-page under the overall website of is an actual live property site, as is In fact, they're the same property listing, just marketed under two different property names. Just click on any of the links above to check it out.

Q: Do I have to use exclusively or can I also book via other means?

A: You do not have to use exclusively and are free to utilize other means - including other property management companies and tools. However, as is a real-time reservation system, you are required under membership terms to utilize the inventory management system to keep inventory current within Inventory management is easy to do with simple updates to the inventory per administration pages. PLEASE DON'T DOUBLE-BOOK! Remember that properties are automatically included in online reservation sites including and Our site will lose credibility if we book properties that are not available. In addition, overhead associated with multiple inventory control systems is high. requires the use of our Inventory Management system to keep overall costs down.

Q: What if I receive a reservation from a affiliate site and already have this timeframe booked (i.e., the property is unavailable)?

A: membership terms require the property owner to keep inventory rates current in the system. If the property manager cannot accept a reservation due to an error in keeping inventory management updated, please contact us immediately. As the property owner, you will be responsible for returning the reservation fee - at 100%. will not refund the 17% reservation fee, which means that this is an expense that you will have to incur. In addition, reserves the right to cancel your membership due to failure to comply to membership terms. If your membership is cancelled due to failure to comply to membership terms, any membership fees collected to date will not be refunded.

Q: Do I have to use's Online Reservation Process?

A: Let's be honest here. Some of you may want to save the booking fee if you're renting to someone that you know and can accept a check rather than a credit card. This is perfectly okay and within the terms of your membership agreement. However, be sure to update your inventory to mark these dates as "unavailable" to prevent double-bookings! does not recommend renting to individuals that you do not know without utilizing a credit card. Think of your property as a mini-hotel. All hotels require a credit card on file for any damages or expenses incurred during stay. It's great protection for you as a business owner.

Q: What if I have a reservation (with credit card) that I have made in a verbal agreement?

A: This can be handled two ways. 1) You can direct your potential renter directly to your website to reserve your property. Note that there will not be any links from your page to other properties, so you don't need to worry about competition. 2) You can go online yourself and reserve for your renter by completing the reservation yourself. Be sure to have name (as it appears on the credit card), address, email, phone, and credit card information.'s recommendation is to utilize option 1 as often as possible. When the renter's reserve online, they are automatically agreeing to be bound by the terms of the rental and you have less exposure for cancellations and potential refunds.

Q: Does take a booking fee on all rental reservations?

A: Yes, does have a booking fee for all reservations booked online via or any of their affiliate sites. This fee will be deducted from the amounts sent to you for the reservation. Booking fees will vary depending up on the membership you've chosen when you sign up. Our introductory booking fee is 12%. Fees are subject to change at management discretion for future clients. However, you lock in at your fee when you register your property for as long as you remain an active member. Cancellation of membership and re-sign are subject to any increased fees.

Q: Will do property management for me, providing full property management services?

A: No, is not a property management company. We provide system software that can be used by the owner to successfully manage their own properties, allowing them to increase the cash flow on their rental units. The property owner is responsible for all aspects of property management including website set-up, setting rates for their property, cleaning, check-in and check-out services, emergency maintenance for their properties and interaction with renters and potential renters in regards to questions that they have about the property.

Q: Who is responsible for the credit card fees?

A: Credit card fees are 3% of the total reservation amount (rate plus taxes) and are paid by the property owner. Credit card fees are deducted similar to the 12% booking fee prior to sending reservation monies to the property owner. Let's take an example.

Reservation Amount: $1,000
Sales Tax Collection: $104 (based on 10.4% sales tax in this example)
Amount charged on Credit Card: $1,104
Credit Card Fee: $33.12 (3% of $1,104)
Reservation Booking Fee: $120 (12% of reservation amount)
Amount Due Property Owner: $950.88

Note: Property Owner is responsible for paying all taxes as applicable. The tax rate is set by the property manager during property set up. The tax amount is simply passed on to the property owner.

Q: How do I handle check-in and cleaning?

A: The property owner will need to set up a contract/company to do check-in and cleaning and/or provide this service themselves. Check-in information is entered into the system (check-in instructions, check-out instructions, directions and property address) and provided on email confirmations for any reservations made via our system. This info is not available on the property website as we'd only want to provide this if you had a confirmed reservation. Most areas will have local companies that will provide check-in and cleaning services. You may ask other property owners in your condo complex or check the phone book. If using the phone book, you may want to ask for references.

Q: Can I cancel my membership?

A: You are not under any contractual obligations and are free to cancel your membership and stop using our property management software at any time. Note that any monies collected will not be subject to refund. For example, if you sign up for a one year membership and cancel after 6 months, no refund will be due to you. My recommendation is you are not confident in a yearly membership is to try a monthly membership and check it out!

Q: How do I get paid as a property owner?

A: Based on your property's rental management reports, you will be able to keep track of the reservations made. Breckenridge Rental - the legal name for will issue you a check at the end of the month in which the rental occurred. For example, if you have a reservation for Jan 1 - Jan 7, 2004, you would get paid for that rental (minus credit card and reservation booking fee) at the end of January 2004. Merchant accounts require that the funds are not transferred to sub-parties in the agreement until after the services are incurred, or in this case, until after the rental has occurred.

Q: What if the renter has questions re: their reservation or the rental property?

A: As this system is property management by owner, the contact information on each reservation will be the property owners. Name, email address and phone number of the property owner will be provided to the rentor on the rental confirmation. Questions from potential renters regarding the property will also be directed to the owner for response.

Q: How are rental cancellations handled?

A: Cancellations are accepted 60 days prior to arrival. Cancellation information appears on the rental confirmation letter sent to the renter. If the renter cancels, you will be notified per email and/or fax. The dates previously booked will be opened back up as available inventory. As is typical on vacation and short term rental properties, and it's affiliate sites do not accept cancellations less than 60 days from the arrival date.

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