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For Sale by Owner. For Rent by Owner. Offered by Owner. Direct per Owner. People find value in dealing directly with the owner and eliminating the middleman and the expenses associated with that third person.

A direct relationship between the owner and the renter is also the best way to keep costs down. As you are no longer paying 45% or higher for each rental fee charged by a typical property management company in Breckenridge, you are able to keep a larger percentage of your rental amount. Given that you are making more money on each reservation, you may even want to market your property at slightly lower rates. Even a 5% price break can make the difference between a rental inquiry and a rental booking!

But, that's just one side of it. Pricing is important, but marketing and traffic are key. Thousands of people search for accommodations in the Breckenridge area daily via online search engines. We strive to gain a large percentage of these inquiries to direct qualified renters directly to your property site. In addition, by offering all the benefits of large travel agencies, including secure online reservations, automatic inventory update, online email confirmation, etc, we offer a credible site for individuals to feel comfortable placing their reservation. Finally, because we leverage a large number of properties, we are able to spend more money on marketing efforts. In fact, Property Management & Rentals spends thousands of dollars each year on search engine optimization alone. Company Principles:

  • Create property management software that allows a direct relationship between the property owner and the vacation or long term renter, minimizing the overhead costs of the middleman
  • Leverage marketing efforts across multiple properties to allow for more exposure at a lower cost to the property owner
  • Make it cost effective so that everyone can afford
  • Minimize set up time
  • Make it a complete turn-key system to minimize day to day requirements for managing the property - after all, most of us have full time jobs!
  • Make it easy
  • Make it fun

We believe we've created easy, cost effective property management software you can afford!

  • Take Advantage of Proven, Turn-Key System - one stop gives you everything you need to manage your own short term rental property - and you don't have to sit by the phone or email and wait for reservations! We've eliminated the hassle by automating what you used to have to do manually - or pay 35% - 60% to have a management company do it for you!
  • Secure, Online Reservations & Credit Card Acceptance - Research shows that online reservations are growing and the customer base is demanding real-time, secure reservation processing. Our system provides this with no upfront fees or credit approvals.
  • Turn Up Your Website in Minutes - Online set up and administration allows you to set up your website and make changes in a matter of minutes.
  • Take Advantage of Online Target Marketing - Your property is automatically included in our affiliate websites to generate immediate traffic to your property. This is an exclusive service only available to members.

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